The Best Road Trips in the United Kingdom

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
When it comes to scenic road trips the United Kingdom is often forgotten, but it has some hidden gems you may not know about. If you enjoy driving and scenery, read on to avoid missing out as we’ve put together a great list of our Top 5 best road trips in the UK:

1. Cheddar Gorge – Somerset, England

According to The Times Magazine, Cheddar Gorge is Britain’s “loveliest scenic route” and with its twisting roads and a stunning background of limestone cliffs its easy to see why. This route is located right in the heart of the West Country and only takes around 30 minutes to drive, making it one unmissable drive.

2. Coastal Route – Northern Ireland

If you are looking for a longer route with a real wow factor and have 3 to 5 days spare to drive it, then look no further than the Coastal Route which stretches for around 195km from Belfast to Londonderry. Along the way you’ll get to see a host of incredible sights including the iconic Giants Causeway and Gobbins Cliff Path. This road trip will have particular appeal to Game of Thrones fans, as you’ll be travelling past two of the filming locations along the way: Dark Hedges and Ballintoy Harbour.

3. Snake Pass – Peak District, England

If you are brave enough to drive the 42-mile tangled route of Snake Pass, crossing the Pennines between Glossop and Ladybower Reservoir, you’ll be rewarded with some truly stunning scenery, including an incredible view of the National Trust’s High Peak Estate.

4. Scotland’s North Coast 500 – Scotland

Scotland’s North Coast 500 is a 4 to 7 day long circular road trip which boasts quiet winding winds and beautiful scenery. This is the ideal trip for anyone searching for a few days of peace, seclusion and natural beauty.

5. Abergwesyn Pass – Powys, Wales

This short 11 mile route is not for the faint of heart, and will require a confident driver, but if you take the plunge Abergwesyn Pass will reward you with breath-taking views of stunning mountains, forests and picturesque Welsh villages – along with putting your driving skills to the test.


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